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Tennis elbow, which is also known as the lateral epicondylitis is a condition which causes severe pain in the tendons of the forearms extensor which is attached to the bony prominence that is located right outside the elbow. It is a condition in which the muscles start degenerating due the over usage of the exterior tendon. This may or may not be related to playing tennis.

Symptoms of Tennis-elbow

A person suffering from a Tennis-elbow will experience acute pain in the forearm and the wrist. The amount of pain starts increasing with time and get worse where there is a frequent movement of the wrist or when there is a rotation of the forearm. In extreme cases, the sufferer may experience swelling whenever they get engaged in making a fist, carrying any weight, or even while shaking hands.

Who may suffer?

Tennis elbow commonly affects people between 35 to 55 years of age. But, it may occur to younger people too if they have suffered any injury which may have caused damage to the tendon. Tennis-elbow occurs due to several reasons. The most common cause is due to the extensive usage of the muscles. If a person uses keyboard and mouse extensively in a wrong posture, then he/she may also suffer from tennis elbow.


The excruciating pain of Tennis-elbow may go away by its own after 6-12 months. But in some cases, it may stay longer which shouldn’t be neglected. The doctors we have at Jointefforts are highly trained in curing tennis elbow and other muscle pains. They are highly experienced in this field, and we have been providing the best quality of treatment to our patients for years using all the modern techniques.


Q. What is tennis elbow caused by?
Ans: Tennis elbow is caused by excessive usage of forearm muscles causing strain. When a particular movement occurred repeatedly causing stress.

Q. How should I sleep with tennis elbow pain?
Ans: Sleeping in side lying is recommended keeping arm over the pillow to give it rest. Person can sleep in straight lying position also similarly giving rest to elbow with a pillow under it.

Q. Where does it hurt when you have tennis elbow?
Ans: The tennis elbow pain is felt at the elbow, slight below the elbow around forearm muscles and slight above the elbow. If left untreated the pain may travel up to shoulder joint also.

Q. Will tennis elbow go away on its own?
Ans: No, only in certain cases when careistaken as early as possible the pain diminishes its own. Generally it requires a physiotherapy intervention.

Q. What happens if tennis elbow goes untreated?
Ans: When left untreated the pain becomes common, a throughout the day complaint and unbearable. Even on small activity the severity of pain is very disturbing. It has been seen in some cases that the pain radiates and remains to shoulder and wrist too.

Q. What is the best way to get rid of tennis elbow?
Ans: As soon as the pain starts the person should give rest to elbow joint, followed by ice compression. Quite a few times tennis elbow splint is a good choice. If still left untreated person should see a professional physiotherapist.

Q. When should I see a doctor for tennis elbow?
Ans: If left untreated by all the conservative treatment the person should see a physiotherapist. The manual therapy specialist can definitely fix it soon and better.

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