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    Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic - Chiropractor, Neuro Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy near Me in Noida at Home


    Joint efforts physiotherapy clinic, the name since 2010 is proudly famous for a Holistic movement base approach when it comes to your health.
    Our experience therapist provide targeted exercises and hands on therapy to treat the root of your injuries.
    👉make your best
    👉postural alignment
    👉enhance body control
    👉movement optimization
    👉 less pain
    👉performance improvement

    we take care of your body. one session with joint efforts is what you are missing for performance enhancement. Having our centre close to 3 Metro Station we take care of our clients comfort and convenience.
    we are fully integrated team of osteopaths, chiropractors, diet consultants along with Physiotherapy specialised in sports and neuro rehab.
    we work in close association with surgeons and GPs. we are one among the high rated physiotherapy and allied practitioner in city.
    Over the period of decade in practice we have evolve in giving human body in best holistic treatmen. we have our own evidence based protocols incoperating the latest in the field of physiotherapy.

    At joint efforts physiotherapy clinic a single physiotherapist is assign to a person and it takes care all kind of aches, pain and injuries.
    With our this result oriented approach we have been able to treat more than 10000 satisfied patients.

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    आरोग्य परमं भाग्यं स्वास्थ्य सर्वार्थसाधनम् ।।

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  • FAQ

  • How much does a physiotherapy session cost in Noida?

    Joint Efforts offers two kinds of packages.
    5 Days – Rs. 2700
    10 Days – Rs. 5200
    However if someone wishes to pay per session the charges per session is Rs. 600.

    How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

    Well the number of sessions depends upon the complaint person has reached us with. Number of sessions depends upon how acute or chronic the pain is. It also depends upon how sincerely a person is doing the homework taught, precautions said to be taken.

    But as an experience treating from decades a person can be free from pain in few days and back to strength in few weeks.

    Do physiotherapists at physiotherapy centres provide at-home treatment?

    Joint efforts physiotherapy clinic provides treatment at centre as well as at home. The physiotherapist providing treatment at home session is equally qualified as who are at clinic.

    Every physiotherapist at joint efforts physiotherapy clinic holds an experience of more than a decade. In collaboration with many home care solutions joint efforts physiotherapy clinic provide home sessions all across Delhi NCR. Joint efforts physiotherapy clinic is a major home based physiotherapy services part of many corporate hospitals.

    Do physiotherapy centres provide both, individual and group therapy sessions?

    At Joints efforts physiotherapy clinic we believe only in individual session. We believe that a personalized care is best resulted rather than group session. We are practicing individual/customized exercise program depending upon person's complaint.

    We discourage group session because it is not person specific as well result oriented.

    Does physiotherapy have side effects?

    I believe physiotherapy is the only medical science which has no or minimal side effects. We are ahead of ages where physiotherapists were depended on electric equipments and machine, where side effects were normally seen.

    But when a qualified manual therapist works with hands side effects are rare to be seen.

    Who is the best physiotherapist in Noida?

    For finding a best physiotherapist you can ask your friends and relatives for their references. When selected a few from there references you can the refrain the selection procedure from Google. At Google you can see their experience, work station location, photos and videos of treatment, testimonies for finalizing your choice.

    How do I know if a physiotherapist is good?

    A good physiotherapist should able to know your illness and plan a better treatment goal for you.

    Pick a physiotherapist who is qualified, licensed, registered, experienced and all of above should either be near to your location or could make his availability to your place. At Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic we prefer physiotherapist as per condition. Let say an ortho Physiotherapist for musculoskeletal pain, post ortho surgical rehab and for neurological cases like paralysis stroke a neuro therapist qualified with various skill for helping fast recovery.

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