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Q1 What is Physiotherapy?

 Ans : Physiotherapy is a branch of Medical Science which includes examination, assessment, diagnosis, strategy planning, treatment executions for wellbeing of any person for the purpose of preventing correcting limiting physical and visceral dysfunction of acute and chronic malfunction of human body. Physiotherapy includes life saving techniques example chest Physiotherapy. Treating physical limitations using electrophysiological agents, physical activity that is exercises mobilization of joints manipulation techniques electrotherapeutic agents for thermal and electrical effects are vividly used.

Q2 What disease can a physiotherapist treat?

 Ans : Physiotherapy is a medical treatment which includes prevention, cure, rehabilitation, healing and advise.

Physiotherapy having its six branches ortho, neuro, paediatrics, sports, cardio and gyane treat patient from all most all medical branches.The tertiary treatment of most of ailments includes physiotherapy.

Common example of problem deals in physiotherapy are

Knee Pain

Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder 

Paralysis or Stroke

Paedritics Neurological Illness

Post surgery rehab

Pregnancy related issues

Q3 Who is the right physiotherapist for me?

Ans : A good physiotherapist should able to know your illness and plan a better treatment goal for you.

Pick a physiotherapist who is qualified, licensed, registered, experienced and all of above should either be near to your location or could make his availability to your place. At Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic we prefer physio as per condition. Let say a ortho Physio for musculoskeletal pain, post ortho surgical rehab and for neurological cases like paralysis stroke a neuro therapist qualified with various skill for helping fast recovery.

Q4 How to select best physio for my treatment?

 A best physiotherapist is one who is licensed registered experience and mature enough to assess the disease and the ailment of a patient. we can also find a best physiotherapist in nearby location by going through the reviews at his websites or at Google Maps. Another way of searching a best physiotherapist near by is word of mouth from your friends and relatives.

Q5 Is physiotherapy at home available in Noida and Greater Noida?

 Joint efforts physiotherapy clinic is operating throughout Delhi NCR. The Core Team at clinic looks after all the areas of Delhi NCR while the referral team take care of the far base patients. If someone looking around for Physiotherapy at home they can either go to the websites www.jointefforts.in to book a slot. They can also call at 98 1180 2992 for their enquiries.

Q6 What is the duration of each session?

 Ans : For Neuro cases such as cerebral palsy strokes it takes  1 – 1.5 hours in every session.

For ortho cases it takes 45 minutes for each session. 

Q7 Are your therapist covid vaccinated?

 Ans : Yes, Our physiotherapists have covid vaccinated.

Q8 What are the charges for physiotherapy sessions?

 Ans : Joint Efforts offers two kinds of packages.

5 Days – Rs 2700

10 Days –  Rs 5200

However if someone wishes to pay per session the charges per session is Rs 600.

Q9 What is your Cancellation and Refunds policy?

Ans : 5 Day Package is valid for 15 days and 10 Day package is valid for 30 days. The packages are non refundable.

More and More People are Choosing Physiotherapy First