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Heal your pain by Chiropractic Adjustment

Sports massage by chiropractor in Noida is a deep form of soft tissue mobilization. It can be applied in a sporting and non-sporting framework. This massage involves a wide range of techniques including effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking and trigger pointing. This generally helps in relaxation of the muscular skeletal system and is being directed towards any problem areas. It helps relieve muscular tension, break down adhesions, mobilize soft tissues, and reduce pain.

Who should be treated?

It does not mean that sports massage is only limited to athletes. Rather it is an appropriate massage treatment for anyone who requires remedial or soft tissue mobilization. These remedial effects are beneficial after surgery, alongside physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic, or as a health benefit within office.

Those participating in sport can use a sports massage as a regular part of their training program. This is also effective as a performance enhancement. Although the name shows a sporting clients, but it is a massage treatment appropriate to all.

What techniques are used?

At Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic our chiropractor in Noida are experienced with a wide range of massage techniques. The common massage techniques that are used during a sports massage include:

Effleurage: It has many purposes and effects. It can be performed both superficially and deep and can be used to spread oil and warm up the tissues. It creates a calming, relaxing effect physiologically and psychologically or stimulate. Sports massage is a connecting technique in between strokes and functions as a flushing procedure.

Kneading: In sports massage manipulation of tissue is done in many ways. Kneading includes lifting, squeezing and moving tissues. The alternate hand strokes exert a pumping action on the underling capillaries and veins. The pressure helps to speed up the flow of blood through the vessels so that waste products can be removed and fresh blood delivers oxygen and nutrients.

Wringing: It is a manipulation used in a sports massage where tissues are lifted away from the bone and pushed from side to side. The alternate squeezing and releasing action increases circulation to an area, removes waste products and brings oxygen and nutrients to the area. Wringing is also used to improve tissue elasticity.

Hacking: It is a part of the percussion massage techniques. The hands are used to strike the tissues in a light, springy, and brisk way. It increases blood circulation, stimulates and softens areas of hard tissue and stimulates reflex contraction of muscle.

Trigger pointing: It in a treatment that aims to deactivate trigger points, relieve pain and muscle tightness and help to return to physiological function of muscles. It is a small area of irritability located within a muscle or fascia tissue. The points are painful and tender to touch.

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