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Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are worst at night. Wrist related problems mainly include swelling in hand and wrist, excessive pain and burning sensations in the hand. The patients also feel that needles are being pinned in their hand. Patients suffering through this syndrome are likely to feel lesser strength in their fist and face numbness in the hand.

If the treatment is not done at the right time, muscle at the base of thumb might begin to waste. Hence, it is recommended by experts to not ignore the symptoms and consult with physiotherapists soon.


Wrist pain can be unbearable and hard to handle. You cannot imagine living a normal life without having a healthy and flexible wrist. Wrist pain is caused due to various reasons and some of common ones include broken wrist, sprained wrist, thumb or fingers, wrist arthritis, wrist tendonitis and sports or other injuries. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most common reasons behind swelling and constant pain in hand. Examining this syndrome adequately and planning treatment accordingly is very important to solve this problem.

Compression of the Median nerve in carpal tunnel causes sensation and pain in the wrist and thumb. As per experts, activities like typing on keywords, gripping things tightly and performing tasks, where wrist is held in process of extensions cause excessive wrist pain.

We completely understand the idea behind adeqaute diagnosis and handle the process accordingly. We enquire the patients about their daily routine, health history and history about any injuries, if occurred. This helps us find what exactly the patient is going through and we can plan the treatment process accordingly.  


Physiotherapy is very effective in dealing with serious wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. At we have expert physiotherapists, who will conduct the therapy appropriately to reduce swelling. Attending physiotherapy sessions on regular basis also help in improving muscle strength and resolve wrist motion related problems.

If physiotherapy is not working well with some patient, then corticosteroid injection is recommended by our medical experts. In some cases, where the pain is severe and unbearable, surgery might be required.

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