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Lower back trouble brings pain and stiffness along. Patient feels difficulty and pain while getting out of bed. Extended sitting or driving also causes uneasiness and pain in entire body. Patients of low back pain feel immense level of difficulty in lifting heavy stuff or their lower back health might turn more troublesome if they practice lifting heavy weights several times. Constant backache, pain in legs/feet and problem in walking are some of the most common symptoms suffered and noticed by lower back pain patients.

Pain at affected area or may radiate to lower limb




Weakness in lower limb

Tingling sensation in lower limb


Diagnosis of back pain is very critical process. It requires indulgence of expert physiotherapists to understand actual problem that is causing pain in patient's lower back area. Most common conditions encountered by lower back pain patients are back stiffness, prolapsed disc, sciatica, disc bulge, osteoarthritis in spine and joint pain.

To get a fair idea about what the patient is actually going through, our diagnosis experts need to conduct a long and systematic diagnosis process. They begin with exploring customer’s health history and also ask the patient about previous injuries (if any). Along with this, several medical tests and examinations are done to understand exact problem faced by patient to conduct successful treatment process.

X-ray or MRI as per need

Special test: There are various special tests to diagnose the problem in physiotherapy


Joint Efforts Clinic pays complete attention towards not only healing of lower back pain but complete rehabilitation of the patient. Our experienced physiotherapists are always ready to offer adequate therapy, medical assistance and prescribe medications to relieve the patient from pain.

However, the treatment process may vary as per type of lower back problem patient is having. Sports injuries or accidental injuries are needed to be handled differently than the lower back pain and stiffness caused due to excessive sitting or disturbed body posture for a long time.

We encourage our patients to conduct physical exercises for soft tissue mobilization, posture training and balance exercises to rehabilitate your lower back and turn you healthy.

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