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Sensational pain in the hip area and constant uneasiness might emerge as most common symptoms of hip pain. Since it is the most commonly used part of body, hence terrible pain in hip joints and muscles is very common while sitting or walking. During the cases of lumber spine referred pain, the pain sensations might hit up to the spinal cord joints.


Hips are amongst the most weight carrying joints in human body. Usage of hips in routine life is higher as compare to other body parts. Therefore, dealing with hip pain can be troublesome for the patients. Though, hip pain doesn’t always mean joint pain. There are several other reasons too and that is the reason diagnosis of hip troubles become challenging.

At Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic our diagnosis experts work hard to understand your problem. The diagnosis process is followed by physical checkups and asking questions from the patients about their previous health history. Patients are requested to share details about previous injuries if any. Once the diagnosis is done, adequate medical treatment is suggested and provided accordingly.


Hip pain may cause because of various reasons. The most common reason ones include hip injury, bone stiffness, muscle stretch, inguinal hernia and lumber spine referred pain. Each pain has its own symptoms’ and requires adequate treatment according to that. We put the patient under detailed diagnosis and once we are aware that what kind of pain he/she is going through, we provide suitable treatment for that. Our physiotherapists offer safer and balanced therapy, whereas, medical experts are available to recommend suitable medication to recover the problem properly.

We provide cold therapy, heat therapy and adequate physiotherapy exercises accordingly to heal and strengthen your affected area.

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