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Leg cramps are the usual and ordinary harmless condition where the muscles in your leg suddenly become tight and painful.

What causes leg cramps?

The leg cramps or muscle cramps can happen for no apparent reason, considered as the idiopathic leg cramps or even as the symptom or complication of the health condition, known as secondary leg cramps.

Knowing the causes of secondary leg cramps can include:

  • exercise
  • pregnancy
  • certain types of medicine, such as statins (medications that help lower cholesterol levels)
  • liver disease

Treating leg cramps

The primary Muscle Cramps Treatment involves methods to relax the affected muscle. Most cases of the leg cramps can be relieved merely by exercising.

Stretches are significant- To stretch the calf muscles, you can stand along with the front half of your feet on the step along with your heels by handing off the edge. Slowly lower your heels so that they are entirely below the level of the step. Then, you need to hold for a few seconds before lifting your heels back up to the starting position.

Diagnosis- Muscle cramp aka painful and uncontrollable contraction of the muscles is one of the most common and painful problems faced by a lot of people. Typically, the poor physical strength and the muscle weakness are considered as significant causes of this type of muscle problem.

Knowing about the muscle cramp treatments

Joint Efforts Clinic offers the only best and effective diagnosis to the patients. Muscle Cramps Treatment is done by the health specialists of the clinic in a secure manner. In fact, our entire medical team and we carefully examine their patients, and we even plan rehabilitation sessions as well. Once the accurate diagnosis of the symptoms is made, we prepare our entire treatment routine for the each and every patient there accordingly.


Q. What causes muscles cramp?
Ans: Among the many reasons for muscle cramps the most occurred once are water dehydration, overuse of muscles and prolong holding a muscle in fixed position. Restricted blood supply like sin case of arteriosclerosis in lower limb can produce cramps. Nerve compression like in spinal canal stenosis at lumbar region can also cause cramps in lower limb. Shortage of minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium also contributes leg cramps

Q. What do muscle cramps feel like?
Ans: A muscle cramp is like a twist under your skin and it feels hard and tender to touch. A feel of cramping pain that occur in lower abdomen during menstrual cycle/periods which identify exactly defines feel of cramps.
Q. How do you relieve muscle cramps?
Ans: A quick movement at the nearby joint for few repetition followed by sustains stretch for few times relieves the pain. for relieving the after sore of cramp a gentle application of hot or cold is a choice.

Q. What deficiency causes muscle cramps?
Ans: Water dehydration, lack of essential vitamins, especially vitamin E are deficiency causes muscle cramps.
Q. What happens when a muscle cramps?
Ans: The muscle suddenly twitches , shortens in length, it contract involuntarily causing pains in leg. The left behind is known as spasm which may last from few seconds to few minutes.

Q. How do I stop cramp?
Ans: Regular exercise in form of movement, aerobic activity, stretches. Plenty of water to remain hydrated, adequate amount of minerals in diets are all the methods to stop cramps.

Q. What causes night leg cramps?
Ans: People involved in activities of long standing hours suffers more with night cramps like housewives, storekeepers, watchmen, security guard. Holding muscle in particular position for prolong period is the reason.

Q. How long does cramp take to heal?
Ans: A normal cramp can last for few seconds to 10 minutes. In certain cases check for the grade of sprain caused.

Q. How muscles cramp is treated?
Ans: If occurred immediate movement at nearby joint, stretches and massage the muscle, followed by hot or cold application.

Q. When to see your doctor for muscles cramp?
Ans: If your muscles cramps are severe or frequent that interfere with quality of life or ability to sleep. Also see a doctor if cramp lasts more than 10 minutes. Also if stretches, massaging, hydration don’t improves the condition.

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