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Golfers-elbow is one of the most excruciating pains that a person needs to suffer from. It is mainly due to a strain in the muscle flex of your wrist and the fingers. The most common sign of this injury is the medial epicondyle which is the bony bump that is located inside the elbows where the muscles are generally attached — the people who are suffering from Golfer’s pain experience the pain whenever they try to grip something or when they resist any wrist/ finger flexion. They also experience the pain whenever there is a little amount of stretch in the muscles.

Why people suffer from Golfers-elbow?

Some people who are suffering from golfers-elbow complaining about the stiffness of tenderness on their neck which is an indication of median nerve irritation. Even though the elbow movements will be free of pain, but the sufferer will experience a significant amount of pain whenever they try to grip something. The most common reason people suffer from Golfers- elbow is due to an extensive injury into their muscle tissue. People can also suffer from Golfers- elbow if their tissue is in poor health for which they are prone to injury which down the road can lead to swelling as well as elbow pain.

How to diagnose and treat Golfers-elbow?

If you are suffering from Golfers-elbow, you can easily diagnose it with the above-said symptoms. Moreover, further getting checked it by expert physiotherapy that we have here at Golfers-elbow treatment in Noida. Our expert physiotherapist will help you to determine the exact cause behind the Golfers-elbow. We are one of the best choices for the people when it comes to Golfers-elbow treatment in delhi/ncr. So, if you are suffering from the exaggerating pain of Golfers-elbow, opt for us today and bid adieu to it.


Q. What causes golfers elbow?
Ans: Generally caused by overuse of forearm muscles due to repetitive flexing of elbow, gripping at wrist joint and rotating of arm.

Q. Is golfers elbow painful?
Ans: Yes, golfer elbow is painful. It’s tender when feet in inner side of elbow. Pain is also feet along inner side of forearm. Pain is worst on certain movements.

Q. Does golfers elbow go away?
Ans: Yes usually within a few week, if not then physiotherapy gives good result. Mobilization, Exercise, TENs therapy and Icing are good for treatment.

Q. How long does it take for golfers elbow to go away?
Ans: Golfers Elbow often heals on its own. Since it’s a repetitive strain injury if left with rest and avoiding repetitive motion it gets cured in 3-6 months.

Q. What is the fastest way to fix golfers elbow?
Ans: Rest to avoid repetitive activities until the pain is gone.
-Ice the affected area 15-20 minutes four times daily.
-A brace at elbow to give it protection.
-Physiotherapy Exercise, Stretching and strengthening the forearm muscles.

Q. Can push ups cause golfer’s elbow?
Ans: Any movement which puts a strain on your elbow joint leading to irritation of common flexors muscles at elbow joint can give pain. It may be push up, chin ups or bench presses.

Q. What happens if golfers elbow goes untreated?
Ans: In golfers elbow due to repeated movement of wrist and arm tendons around them develops tiny tears that can cause pain across forearm muscles.
When left untreated the golfers elbow can cause permanent loss of range of motion around elbow and episodes of acute of chronic pain.

Q. What is the difference between golfers elbow and tennis elbow?
Ans: Pain in golfers elbow is at around inner part of elbow (medial epilendyle) while in tennis elbow pain is at outer part (latetalepilondyal) of elbow.
Golfers elbow is due to repetitive movement of flexor muscles while tennis elbow is due to repetitive movement of extensor muscles.

Q. Is Deep heat good for golfers elbow?
Ans: Yes, if done for a specified period of time deep heat is good. Also short duration of deep heat for longer term is good.

Q. What Does it Cost Golfers-elbow Treatment?
Ans: At Joint Efforts Physiotherapy clinic usually a session cost around Rs. 500-1000. The cost is subject to usage of LASER therapy, manual therapy or shock wave therapy.

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