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  • “I have been a patient at Joint efforts Physiotherapy Clinic, for a while now. My physiotherapist, Anshul Parashar, is a knowledgeable and professional individual. I am grateful for the care, compassion and understandin.”

  • “ Dr Anshul through his incessant care and post operative physiotherapy was instrumental in speeding up my recovery from a TA tendon rupture .. ” I have gone to Joint Efforts for several injuries now. The last injury involved my knee. I had injured my knee near the end of June and then fell again two weeks later and caused further damage. When I walked in I really did not have much flexion in my knee. Anshul seemed to very quickly determine my problem and what needed to be done. I was truly amazed by my improvement by just the end of the first treatment. It took a number of weeks of physio but he got me back in motion. He was always positive and encouraging, reassuring me that I would repair. I would and have referred people to him. He does a great job! “

  • ” Anshul came as a blessing to my pain and issue. Its been 1 year I’m associated with him and I find him very helpful as well as knowledgeable. He has an apt to understand the issue and look towards a solution out of the box. I would rate him as one of the best Physiotherapist at Noida who even understands issues pertaining to Neuro.
    If you have any issue would recommend him for a consultation and I’m sure he would give you the best fit solution which would not only take care of your health but even your pocket. Keep it up Anshul. “

  • I and my husband both took chiro sessions from Dr. Anshul Parashar and Dr. Indu Parashar. They both are good at their services. I was having knee pain and my husband have neck pain and back pain. We took package for 20 days. Treatment was always effective and rehabilitation exercise were taught very elaborately. They have a you tube channel also for seeing to do exercise at home. Good arrangements for every patient. Highly recommended.

  • A very good team of Physiotherapists, Dr. Anshul Parashar and Dr. Yasir supported excellently. My wife was suffering with knee joints pain but regular visits which started with Dr. Anshul Parashar and then taken over by Dr. Yasir, the pain has subsided and she could started doing her daily routine almost perfectly. It could be possible only due to sincere efforts of Physio with various types of exercise. Thanks to the Team of the Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic.

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