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Are you suffering from health issues like pelvic floor problems, post pregnancy complications or osteoporosis? The physiotherapy can help with a range of women’s health issues. Many women’s health issues relate to problems with the pelvis or pelvic floors, which can be caused by pregnancy or normal aging. A physiotherapist can successfully treat potentially embarrassing symptoms and to restore your muscular endurance and vitality.

We treat clients suffering from a range of complaints, at all stages of a woman’s life:

  1. Pre-pregnancy
  2. during Pregnancy
  3. Post pregnancy
  4. Pelvic floor dysfunction
  5. Menopause
  6. Preventing Osteoporosis

A physiotherapy session during antenatal care relieves backache and improves body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and child birth. Physical therapy after pregnancy helps to regain your strength and body shape like tummy exercises and bracing, look after your back, etc. In case of post delivery, urinary incontinence and prolapsed pelvic floor muscles exercise are taught to the patient in a physiotherapy clinic. As said “pelvic floor muscles exercises are exercises for life for a woman”.

Menopausal symptoms can be minimised with the physical therapy. To increase bone density, strength and balance, decrease insomnia, hot flashes and weight gain Physiotherapy can aid the patient in many ways. These can help more physically fit and less susceptible to these symptoms.

Osteoporosis in women is mostly commonly occurs after menopause. Class-based exercise programs like aerobic, strength training and flexibility exercises can improve their falls ratio and fracture chances.

More and More People are Choosing Physiotherapy First