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Podiatry is the science which deals with the illness and injuries of feet and lower limbs.

Following are the section of injuries and illness of feet.

  • Joint and muscles problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Circulatory problem
  • Inherited foot deformations
  • Acquired/life style foot deformation

There may be various altered feet biomechanics due to above mentioned problems. Any altered feet biomechanics could lead to altered body weight distribution and altered pressure on lower limb joint. This is one of the reasons of degenerative arthritis (altered postural kinetics). With the help of proper guidance for correct orthotics we can change the faulty biomechanics, hence improving pressure on joints. Acquired feet biomechanics in adults to specific problems in children everyone need exact assessment, diagnosis and relative suggestion for their altered feet biomechanics. This can prevent them from potential problems in later life. Talk to your physiotherapist at joint efforts physiotherapy clinic regarding minimising your child’s feet problem today itself.

Other section of people who requires more attention is athletes and sprinters. We here at joint efforts receive around 10 to 15 cases every month who suffers from knee or hip pain because of this altered feet biomechanics. It is due to uneven pressure exerted by their knee and hip joint which cause them pain.

Not only the orthotics put the problem alignment of feet biomechanics can lead to better postural life ahead. We suggest you to reach your physiotherapist right away if in case of any case of feet problem.

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