What happened to the body when you don’t exercise as compared to your age?

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What happened to the body when you don't exercise

We all are born with lots of flexibility and agility. When we are infants it’s quite easy for us to take our toes to mouth, we can roll on bed from left to right and vice versa. The availability of extensibility in muscles is flawless.

As we grow up when one is not so active and lead the sedentary lifestyle we starts utilizing more of the flexibility of the tissue and in result body becomes stiff and tight. This topic focuses on how and what we feel when we don't exercise. There are two aspects : one is physical and another is psychological to it.

When not in active form the first symptom that starts appearing is stiff calf muscles. You may feel heavy calf and difficulty in walking which later leads to heal pain ( plantar fasciitis ). The body then starts feeling heaviness in lower back (mechanical back pain). This is a result of long sitting, gaining weight becoming obese, irregularity in eating.

The another aspect that comes is psychological. The sedentary and the non active lifestyle not only make you a couch potato but also keep you away from sociality. A friend circle is much needed to keep you mobile and active. A group of people talks on various topics and your brain respond to good and the bad out of that. A brain releases good hormones and you feel great with chatting and group discussion.

It’s always recommended to live active and social life to be stress and pain free.

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