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  • What are the Benefits of Dry needling in Physiotherapy?
    What are the Benefits of Dry needling in Physiotherapy

    May 16, 2022, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Dry needling has become an integral part of Physiotherapy clinic in Noida and helps with pain treatment in a number of ways. Most people are unaware of this kind of treatment and often take it as nothing else but acupuncture. It involves inserting extremely thin needle for stimulating healing in... read more

  • What is Frozen Shoulder & How Physiotherapy Treatment Helps?
    What is Frozen Shoulder & How Physiotherapy Treatment Helps?

    , jointeffortsjointefforts

      Many people suffer from frozen shoulder that involves constant pain and limited shoulder movement and never realize what the underlying cause is. It is a disorder that affects the connective tissue around your shoulder capsule. The condition develops when this capsule gets inflamed, resulting in it becoming tightened and... read more

  • What exactly is physiotherapy? How much does physiotherapy cost?
    What exactly is physiotherapy? How much does physiotherapy cost?

    November 25, 2021, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Physiotherapy can help restore mobility and normality to the patient's life following the patient has been injured or illness. A physiotherapy session's components include manual therapy, advice and instructing the patient. The physiotherapy process can assist patients at any age reduce pain and prevent future injuries or diseases. In short... read more

  • What does physiotherapy do? Everything You Need To Know About Physiotherapy
    What does physiotherapy do

    November 15, 2021, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Physiotherapists are the most important healthcare professionals who offer physical therapy. The work of physiotherapy in Noida entails rehabilitation, health promotion, injury prevention and the treatment of illness and injury. They have years of education and a deep understanding of the human body and the way it functions. They utilize... read more

  • Different Types of Physiotherapy
    Different Types of Physiotherapy

    September 20, 2021, jointeffortsjointefforts

      The benefits of physiotherapy are recognized for decades. But what most people aren't informed of is the treatment is offered in various types. Pediatric, geriatric and orthopedic physiotherapy, are a few to be mentioned. Each of them addresses specific issues and requires different treatment techniques. All types of physiotherapy... read more

  • Physiotherapy and How It Can Help With Recovery
    Physiotherapy and How It Can Help With Recovery

    August 18, 2021, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Physiotherapy is an amalgamation of injury prevention, fitness, and sustainable healing. Physiotherapy can address any issues causing disability or injury; with the best physiotherapist in Noida patients can maximize and restore their energy and strength. The therapy involves a combination of techniques such as exercises and massages, and these are... read more

  • Recurrent ankle sprain

    March 25, 2019, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Recurrent ankle sprains affects wide range of physical activities as these are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries which occurs and the recurrence are though very common. Recurrence at ankle sprain is common because of the factor that ankle sprains create foot/ ankle complex instability. Ankle instability leads to cartilage... read more

  • Lumbar Canal Stenosis

    March 18, 2019, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Counted as one of the serious and disturbing problem of back pain, lumbar canal stenosis is a progressive condition charaterise by narrowing of lateral and central vertebral canals that leads to compression or ischeamia or both of the lumbrosacral nerve roots. These compressions are brought about by osteoarthritic thickening of... read more

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