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Sports Massage just does not only increased improves circulation it does also improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. The benefits of sports massage are enormous. There are various types of sports massage available but it’s necessary for you to understand what type of massage you require.

A few massage sound quite temptating and exotic but they do little to improve athlete performance. Let say if talk about Hot stone massage, it hardly solve the purpose of an athlete in terms of releasing the tight band of muscles underneath. Hot stone massage is rather a soothing therapy. Similarly Swedish massage is more over a skin nourishing therapy. It does nothing to deep seated soft tissues.

So if we say how to take a decision which is a good massage for an athlete, the best way is ask your physiotherapist to book you the best massage for you. The best massage will release your tight structures, will make you feel better and worth of all.

A physical therapist would assess you first, examine the areas troubling you and then will proceed the work further. Targeted therapeutic massage for correction specific area or to correct some biomechanical requirement is one thing. The other thing is releasing the soft tissue with a gentle sustained pressure on tight soft tissue structures called as myofascial release therapy. Both such a kind of approach reduces pain in athlete, increase their range of motion by promoting flexibility.

The athletes especially runners benefit a lot from sport massages. To suggest an athlete who read this I would suggest going for a massage session at least a week before or two after his game. Trying new things close to his events is quite risky. An athlete who is familiar to massage definitely benefit if done a week before as the soreness would disappear in a day or two. If done just a day or two before your event the soreness can trouble you on your big day.

Post race massage allows nervous system to keep calm by relaxing body as the natural repair process speed up with massage. For a regular athlete a massage session done 48 to 72 hour after his event will help him a lot. For new beginners to massage therapy any session done after a week will be better.

An educated and experienced therapist can really make a lot of difference in your carrier with his capabilities of massages. A proper assessment by physiotherapist is very necessary before carrying forward any massage sessions. A detailed examination is quite necessary because it’s not always a case of massage therapist. A massage therapist should have the capabilities to assess whether the issue presented by his athlete will be solved by him or is it a case of referral.

A few point to remember before arriving to massage session.

  • 1. The meal should be kept light that because the prone lying position with filled stomach can cause little nausea.
  • 2. You should be well hydrated already so that fascia and muscles are quite flexible. A good water and electrolyte balanced body is easier to mobilise rather than stiff body. Once it done it is absolutely not necessary you to replenish yourself with tons of water. This is a myth that body is dehydrated after a massage just releases your body of lactic acids.
  • 3. Sports massages are not spa sessions. A sport massage would be performed by a learned therapist therefore dress well as per your therapist guideline, interact adequately, and also ask for homework from your doctor / therapist.
  • 4. Soreness developed after sessions are normal. Homework in sense of foam roller will be of great help.
  • 5. A physical workout session immediately after massage is not advisable. You should rather have a sound sleep to rejuvenate your body.
  • 6. An Epsom salt bath later the day help is removing further the lactic acid.
  • 7. Regular massage session will improve your performance.

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