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The most common symptoms witnessed by people undergoing shin splints include dull ache in front of the lower leg, the affected area feels more pain while touched by hand or any object, pain increases when body weight is directed towards shin bone while walking or exercising. Apart from this, patients who have got major problem with their shine bone feel dull aching pain even while sitting or resting. Constant discomfort is faced by the patients and pain sometimes feels located in the muscles around shin bone.


Problem of shin splints is seen very commonly in sportspersons or athletes and people who undergo excessive gym training. Inappropriate exercising, over pronation of feet, wearing wrong footwear, poor flexibility of knee joint, ankle joint or buttock joint might lead to excessive pain in shin bone. Precise diagnosis is required to track the exact problem faced by patient. We, at Joint Efforts Physiotherapy clinic have experienced and friendly diagnosis experts, who understand patient’s detailed physical history and analyze the reason of pain to examine the entire situation.


Shin splints mostly have four stages and treatment is planned according to that. If a person is at first or second stage of the pain, it becomes easier to handle such situations. Our experts can deal this level of pain through physiotherapy exercises, anti-inflammatory treatments to regain completely normal motion for the patient. However, if the pain grows higher and reaches to the stages, where controlling the painful sensations becomes tough, we prescribe medications and provide physiotherapy assistance to rehabilitate muscle and bone movements.

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