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Uncontrollable and sore muscle contractions appear to trouble the sufferer. Apart from this sudden sensations of pain and muscle twitching are some of the highlighted symptoms of this muscle problem. Muscle tissues feel tensed and this causes continuous muscle ache.

Patients of muscle cramps undergo massive level muscle fatigue and stiffness. This leads to physical exertion and excessive perspiration in the body of patient. It is required to get appropriate medical assistance to treat this problem and prevent it from spreading ahead.


Muscle cramp aka uncontrollable and painful contraction of muscles is one of the most common and painful problem faced by people. Generally poor physical strength and muscle weakness are considered as major causes of this type of muscle problem.

Formation of fatty plaques in arteries of human body cause narrowing of the blood supply in muscles. This is considered amongst the biggest reasons for muscle cramps. Apart from this intake of inappropriate drugs or medications may lead to disturb mineral balance of human body and pain in nerves cause pressure of muscles. We study symptoms of patients and know their health history to categorize reason of muscle cramps accordingly.


Once the accurate diagnosis of symptoms is done, we plan our treatment schedule for the patients accordingly. Stretching and messaging of affected areas, followed by application of icepack is rated amongst the preferred methods used by Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic. The idea is to solve the problem of cramping without using excessive dosage of medications. Still, if required, we prescribe suitable medications to help the patients in reducing pain.

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