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The most common symptoms of knee problems include severe pain in the knee while moving, swelling & redness around knee cap, weakness, feeling of instability in knee joint, clicking in the knee joints and tenderness .

These symptoms vary as per the cause of pain. For example, sports/accidental injuries in knee cause more instability and tenderness issues and swelling as compare to other reasons of pain. Ligament damage is considered amongst the most common and highly crucial reasons that cause unbearable pain to the injured knee.


Knee pain can cause a lot of trouble, if not diagnosed and treated well, the problem might turn severe and hard to handle. As per medical experts, there are three major types of damages, which cause knee pain. 

  • Cruciate Ligament Damage
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Anterior knee pain

Each of these syndromes and causes of knee pain have their own attributes. Our experts at Joint Efforts Clinic put their best efforts to analyze the symptoms and patient’s history effectively. Right examination of the pain leads to suitable treatment and long term relief to the patient.


Joint Efforts Clinic offers appropriate physiotherapy treatment to deal with excessive knee pain. As per expert physiotherapists, regular physiotherapy sessions help in healing the affected knee. Rehabilitation process helps in reduction of swelling from the knee cap and causes smoothness in walking.

With regular practice of movement exercise under guidance of physiotherapy experts, patients can begin to recover their mobility issues and strengthen their ligament and knee tissues.

Understanding the severity of the knee pain, our medical experts also recommend medications, injections and surgical solutions. We prescribe medications after understanding health history of the patient to avoid any cases of allergy or reaction.

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