Proprioception and its importance related to prevent fall in elderly.

April 11, 2018

Proprioception is the process of receiving and sending information about joint space, joint angle, and muscle length and muscle tension to brain. Proprioceptors are the small button cells like structures which gives the brain information about the position of the limb in space.

Proprioception is widely disturbs in accident prone individuals, athletes, elderly, children and patients suffering from neurological or orthopaedics conditions. This process of sending and receiving information to brain tends to weakens as the age advances. Hence a result the probability of falling increases.

Tips to prevent fall in elderly.

1. Find a good balance and exercise program to build strength and flexibility. Patient can locate any physiotherapy clinic in noida which provides physiotherapy care to geriatric care.

2. A good physiotherapist can assess the possibility of falling and reduce its risk factors.

3. Regularly review your medication to make sure patients not suffering from any side effects.

4. Vision and hearing test – eyes and ears are keys to keep you correct on your feet. Hence an elderly should get annual check up for vision and hearing.

5. Keep your home safe by removing tripping objects kept on way. The rooms and the pathways should be well lighted. Installing railing and bars in key areas also reduces falling.

6. Since fall are not just for seniors all family members should talk to each other and rule out cause for same.

Herein educating you through some pictures to take care of all.