Malalignment Syndrome

September 4, 2017

Mal-alignment syndrome refers to an asymmetrical alignment of the bones of pelvis, trunk and extremities resulting in LBA that can radiate to hip and legs on turning the body in a particular direction.

Assymetries in weight bearing leads to asymmetrical tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments. This leads increase in injuries due to altered pronation, supination at ankle; external rotation at leg produce increases tension in structures related to medial aspect of leg.

Increased weight bearing at medial arch of foot produces condition like hallux valgus/or plantar fascities caused due to excess traction by calcaneal eversion and a medial arch collapse.

Treatment options need to target biomechanical inefficiencies in lower limb kinetic chain, restoring normal structures and function of spine and pelvic is the priority.

Hyperpronation of feet is associated with pelvic instability causing back pain because the collapse of medial arch allows illum to rotate anteriorly causing imbalance at pelvis.

Malallignment cannot only causes back pain but definately leads to neck pain, head aches also. Scoliosis , kyphosis, pelvic tilt, sacrum rotataion are a few examples of malallignment.