Lower Limb Injuries in Yoga

June 2, 2018

Among the numerous benefit brought in 21st century by yoga, its practice has made it increasingly popular among the people. Yoga practice makes it quite fascinating for those wo are looking for improving flexing, posture correction and balance too.

Yoga is a mind soul practice. It not only corrects the physical abnormalities but also correct mental well being. Yoga also benefits in systemic illness i.e. diabates, cardiovascular abnormalities and also in condition of arthritis.

However as a physiotherapist and myself surrounded by a lot many yoga practioner i have seen that these people do suffer from inuries too.

The reasons for injuries in these people are excessive repititive movement, poor technique and intense exertion reqiured to teach their patients. Among the poeple suffering injuries i have found the female suffers more than male. Also the rates of injuries increase as age increases. This shows that the yoga programme should be customised and individualised more with age.

The most common site of injury observed is at/around hamstring because of repititive forward bending, overuse stretching of hamstring without supervision and guidance. The stretches brought out at end range predispopses hip joint labral tears, certains posture like lotus pose, warrior pose, one legged king pigeon pose, hero’s pose put knee menisus under lot of force resulting menisus injuries.

In order to reduce these injuries strengthening for muscles should be done along with flexibility.Customised strengthening programme are available at joint efforts physiotherapy clinic, noida.