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  • Recurrent ankle sprain

    March 25, 2019, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Recurrent ankle sprains affects wide range of physical activities as these are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries which occurs and the recurrence are though very common. Recurrence at ankle sprain is common because of the factor that ankle sprains create foot/ ankle complex instability. Ankle instability leads to cartilage... read more

  • Lumbar Canal Stenosis

    March 18, 2019, jointeffortsjointefforts

    Counted as one of the serious and disturbing problem of back pain, lumbar canal stenosis is a progressive condition charaterise by narrowing of lateral and central vertebral canals that leads to compression or ischeamia or both of the lumbrosacral nerve roots. These compressions are brought about by osteoarthritic thickening of... read more

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